Tuesday, March 5, 2013

THE GOTHAM PROJECT: wines on tap

Schneider and Bieler. Image from http://gothamproject.net/
Wine Wizards is thrilled to be working with the cool cats over at The Gotham Project, representing their locally filled reusable stainless steel kegs of high quality wines in Rhode Island. Gotham is a collaboration between Charles Bieler (BIELER Pere et Fils, Charles & Charles, Three Thieves, Sombra Mezcal) and Bruce Schneider (Schneider Vineyards, Schneider Selections, OBRIGADO Vinhos Portugal). A pioneer of the wine on tap medium, The Gotham Project has developed a network of "Filling Stations" to ensure that all wines are put in the 19.5 Ltr keg in a manner that ensures quality and in a way that minimizes the distances that kegs travel. The goal is for a keg to travel no further than 500 miles to be re-filled. One of Gotham's five filling stations is located in New York.
Wines from Schneider and Bieler's individual wine-making projects as well as wines made by their good friends and colleagues have been put into Gotham kegs. Wines currently in the Wizards book include an Italian Pinot Grigio, un-oaked California Chardonnay, Garnacha from Spain, and the Bieler Pere et Fils rose. There are plans to add to this selection.
The Gotham Project delivers a better glass of wine by dispensing wine through a standard draught system (using a higher grade of fittings than needed for beer due to wine's natural acidity) and a gas blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to pull the wine up to your glass.
You no longer need to worry about serving an oxidized glass of wine to your customers.
Save 10-15% or more compared to the same wine sold to you in a bottle and save costs caused by oxidized wine or corked bottles.
By replacing single use packaging with a reusable container, the carbon footprint of your wine program is reduced. Each kegs holds the equivalent of 26 bottles that otherwise would have ended up in your dumpster. Less than 30% of all glass is ever recycled.
More compact and easier to handle than those 26 bottles.
Please visit The Gotham Project online to learn how easy it is to add Wines on Tap to your menu. Your Wizards rep will be happy to help, as well. Cheers, Gotham recruits!
The Gotham Project in the Wizards' warehouse. Oh yes we did!